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Software Development
IT Infrastructure
Industrial Automation
1C Implementation
Manufacturing enterprise management system
Task: to automate production process’s control system at all factories and create a unified MES
Recipe management system
Task: automation of recipe management processes
System for tracking the movement of raw materials and finished products
Task: automation of processes for monitoring the movement of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, the need to control the movement of materials in the movement of areas
Visualization of production indicators
Task: To develop a working interface that visualizes the dynamics of basic production data and integration into MES
Palletizing system for finished products
Task: automation of product labeling and palletizing
Energy consumption analysis
Task: automation of processes of metering and control of consumption of the main types of energy (electricity, steam, water, gas)
Production waste accounting
Task: automation of waste accounting and control processes
Accounting for production waste
Task: automation of waste accounting and control processes
Authorization in the accounting system by passes
Task: authorization in the accounting system on the basis of a plastic badge, not by username and password
SMS Distributing about equipment failures
Task: to automate incident management processes in production, improve process controllability and ensure transparency
Factory network cybersecurity improvement project
Task: To improve the cybersecurity of factory networks around the world
Creation of IT infrastructure for production lines
Task: create an IT infrastructure for a new production line and integration with the existing LAN in a continuous production environment
Modernization of the factory process control system software
Task: to upgrade the software at 4 plants in Russia and 1 plant in Europe
Modernization of WMS equipment
Task: to modernize the equipment of the warehouse complex
Implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring system
Task: implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring system at 4 factories in the Russian Federation to assess the level of load on the networks
Creation of an automated waste accounting system
Task: automation of waste accounting and control process in 50 points of the factory with the help of bar-coding system
Modernization of the plant's LAN
Task: modernization of the LAN at the enterprise with more than 2,000 end devices
Development of standards for applications in InTouch, System Platform, Factory Talk, RSLogix
Task: to develop a programming standard in order to unify these works at the enterprises of the holding
Development of a standard for building a safety system based on Safety PLC
Task: to build a unified security system for several unrelated groups of equipment located in the same shop
Deep modernization of the control system for receiving, storing and feeding of raw materials shop
Task: replace the obsolete control system of the raw material shop
Development of a control system for chocolate bar packaging machines
Task: modernization of the control system of the chocolate bar packaging line
Replacing the SCADA system of the chewing gum plant
Task: to create an opportunity to implement a project to migrate to Windows 10
1C and Oracle integration for Flex Films Rus
Task: to integrate 1C and Oracle for accounting purposes
Implementation of "1C: Integrated Automation 8" and "1C: Company Management
Task: to implement ERP to ensure transparency of management accounting
Implementation of "1C:TOIR" in LLC "Mission Foods"
Task: implementation and customization of the product for accounting and control of fixed assets of the company
Implementation of "1C:Document Management 8" in Herzen FMIZ (Federal Medical Research Center, named after P.A.Herzen)
Task: automation and optimization of document flow in the company
Integration of SAP and 1C:Salary and Personnel Management
Task: correct integration of 1C and SAP in the field of personnel accounting and payroll
Transfer from "1C: Enterprise 7.7" to "1C:Integrated Automation
Task: ensuring the correctness of accounting in the application of different tax systems