Custom software development

ATC Basis LLC implements both boxed systems and customized solutions of MES and ERP level, and makes customization and fine-tuning of ready-made blocks on customer's request.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software integration
  • ERP implementation
  • Support and maintenance
Our solutions allow to improve the quality of management in various large industrial enterprises with an extensive network of sites and control centers, because such enterprises use a large number of heterogeneous software, which require integration and upgrading. Transparent accounting and control reduce losses and improve the efficiency of business as a whole, from accounting of raw materials to energy, labor, incidents and other factors that affect business processes.

Our clients, large international companies from various industries with dozens of factories in Russia, have achieved significant results by reducing:

up to 15%
Production costs
up to 20%
Energy costs
up to 20%
Operating costs
up to 17%
Equipment repair costs
Losses due to
equipment resetting
Unscheduled downtime

We take a thorough approach to work and ensure transparency at all stages of software development and implementation:

  • Comprehensive auditing and bottleneck identification
  • Designing a detailed solution
  • Preparation of terms of reference taking into account company specifics
  • Development and implementation of the solution
  • Warranty and post guarantee service
Our technologies:
  • Java
  • JS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Oracle
  • 1C