Factory network cybersecurity improvement project

What Is Implemented:
  • Modernization of networks on the basis of Cisco for 3 plants in the Russian Federation
  • Upgraded HPE/DELL server systems at 3 plants in Russia
  • Vmware-based server clusters created for plants in Russia
  • Implemented Veeam/Commvault backup systems
  • Implemented cybersecurity standards for users and developers for 123 plants around the world
  • Audits of 3 plants in Europe and 2 in Russia
an international company producing food and pet food with 7 sites on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Problematics and Inquiry:
The company engaged ATC Basis LLC to improve cybersecurity of networks at 3 plants in the Russian Federation, as well as to develop requirements and standards for 123 plants located around the world. Among the main difficulties of the project were the lack of understanding of basic security procedures, completely different equipment at different plants, and the need to ensure the continuity of production processes. The work lasted for 2 years.
  • Cisco
  • HPE
  • Vmware
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Aveva/Wonderware
Economic effects:
  • High-level cybersecurity is ensured