Replacing the SCADA system of the chewing gum plant

What Is Implemented:
  • Standard control objects for the entire plant have been created
  • Developed a new SCADA design while preserving the existing functionality

The project timeline was 2 years, the project was implemented at one plant in Russia and one plant in Europe.

The complexities of the project include:

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all work was done remotely, using local subcontractors
  • Lack of a unified programming standard in the factory
large international confectionery company
Problematics and Inquiry:
  • Lack of ability to upgrade the existing system, the inability of the existing system to work on Windows 10 - this system was a stopper in the project of migration to Windows 10
  • Lack of a single SCADA standard at the plant
  • Availability of different types of PLCs in the plant
  • Rockwell automation
  • KepWare
Economic effects:
  • Reduced upgrade time by bringing to a single standard
  • Creating the ability to migrate computers to Windows 10