The IT market in 2021, what to expect

Despite the monstrous damage suffered by the world's economies in 2020, the IT industry sagged by no more than 5%. However, the pandemic, the need to reduce contacts and organize remote work, were serious drivers of the industry. What are the main changes in 2020:

  • Universal digitalization due to the need to move to remote work. Even government agencies were forced to do so. All activities were carried out in the shortest possible time. In some other situation, a repetition of such an experience would have been simply impossible.
  • Development of remote work services and receiving services/goods.
  • Development of contactless services and voice control. So far the development of this segment has been initiated, but over time it will be one of the main technologies with active development dynamics.
  • Changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, the adoption of new initiatives and courses aimed at the active development of the IT-industry in the country.

Undoubtedly, in 2020, we all realized how firmly networks, the Internet, and various devices have come into our lives, but in the near future, these systems will receive even more serious development. Even banks and government agencies have partially switched to remote work and appreciated the benefits of this innovation. The development in this direction can no longer be stopped.

State support, import substitution and other benefits will allow Russian software developers to move forward. Another important change is the internationalization and globalization of IT teams and IT projects. While in the U.S. these changes occurred long ago, in the Russian Federation and CIS countries the movement is just beginning.

It is safe to say that 2020 was a watershed year for the IT industry, and soon we will see and hear about a significant number of new projects and the development of new areas.

The review was prepared using materials from CNEWS Analytics.