Russian Management

Russian Management

With the advent of a new era in the global economy, starting with Brexit and continuing with the policy of regional restrictions, the global model of building relationships continues to be subjected to multiple tests – not only ordinary people, but also businesses had to change their attachments and preferences. In the Russian segment, the lack of domestic solutions in the field of software for managing production processes and assets, accounting, monitoring the condition of equipment, planning maintenance and repair, i.e. MES-systems, was most pronounced. When large international companies, which have been promoting their information technology developments for many years, left the Russian market and enterprises at one point were left without their usual foreign solutions. And, if large state corporations have started developing their industry solutions, then enterprises in the food, beverages, consumer goods (CPG) and pharmaceuticals industries, despite government support measures, have not received new solutions and continue to lag behind in terms of digital sovereignty.

It should also be mentioned that developing such a local solution is just the beginning of the way, and only the one that has successfully passed all the stages of trial operation, has proven its stability and fault tolerance in practice can be considered a ready–made solution. The fact that such ready-made domestic solutions already exist and have been working in Russia for 15 years has become a real sensation for the guests and participants of the specialized conference "Advanced Automation Technologies. PTA" 2023 in St. Petersburg. The Basis company demonstrated an example of implementing a production management system – tracking, managing the production process of goods from raw materials to finished products, as well as quality management.

Of particular interest was the fact that the presented Russian system is not inferior to world leaders and successfully works with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment and software present in the global industrial automation market and at the same time is absolutely not inferior to competitors – for 15 years of work at domestic and foreign enterprises, the MES system of the company Basis has not given a single parameter to doubt the customer in the correctness of the choice and expediency of the development and deeper implementation of the system in the production processes.

We received feedback about our interest and the need for such a system as the MES-Basis system from representatives of the widest circles of production workers – from automobile factories to cosmetics and food manufacturers. The key idea that can describe the interest of the participants is that tomorrow's production should be extremely flexible, able to adapt quickly to the order, and for information systems this means a significant increase in the importance of MES systems and a decrease in the importance of ERP systems.

And it really is. After all, with the current level of digitalization in key manufacturing industries, which is now less than 50%, it is obvious to everyone that in the enterprises of the future, a person should be completely excluded from the process of transmitting information and making decisions in operational processes. The task of a person is to analyze, create new processes, and the task of a machine is to execute processes created by a person. Without tools that will allow us to meet the trends of the 4th industrial Revolution, our industry will not be competitive. And this is not a question of tomorrow, but of today. This is what the Basis company is doing, successfully developing and promoting its new generation MES system.