Initial recruitment program at ATC Basis LLC

It is a widely known fact that it is not easy to find a suitable employee. For this reason ATC Basis LLC practically does not recruit from open sources, but grows programmers from students. Some of our managers teach at universities, where there is an opportunity to comprehensively evaluate people and select those who are the best fit.

It is for such novice programmers that our Java training course is designed. It is a program to quickly learn how to write code based on our corporate system. Of course, the system is trimmed and assembled into a separate application, which is what juniors train on. Only after they successfully master and pass this level do they get a job.

Since the primary selection includes the assessment of personal and professional qualities of a person in the process of training and knowingly unsuitable people do not pass it, only about 20% drop out after training. If the selection was conducted more widely, then the dropout rate would be more than half of the candidates. Thus, only the best specialists get into our company, who are immediately immersed in the subject and start solving applied tasks from day one.