Organization of remote work in a pandemic

The year 2020 brought many new things to ATC Basis LLC. In particular, it was necessary to quickly switch to remote work. And it seems like nothing difficult, but when working with international companies whose servers are located in Europe and America, the speed of information exchange slows down significantly. It is not reasonable to use such connections for daily work.

For this purpose, several virtual machines were deployed on the ATC Basis LLC server. Now the work in the network of large customers became available and the delays in handling are small.

Organization of remote work also required the creation of a VPN, as when working in the office there were no problems with the connection, but in remote mode, difficulties began to arise. Implementation of remote work mode of the employees required an investment of only 300 euro, which went to the purchase of equipment. Strange as it may seem, but for our company, working in a pandemic environment has played a team-building role, as joint meetings and online meetings have become regular and we now make key decisions together.