IS Authorization with a regular pass card? Yes!

We have recently implemented SCADA authorization by the card pass method (HID pass). The cost of the workstation was only 1500 euro.

We started working on this project 4 years ago, but at that time the cost of automating the workstation was exorbitant, about 5 600 euro, and we could not talk about large-scale implementation of the system. Now we have managed to achieve a significant reduction in cost and we are ready to scale this project at other enterprises of the Russian Federation.

Why is authorization in SCAD with a pass so important? Because it allows the customer to divide the responsibility by performers and properly control their work. Previously, when authorization was done with regular logins and passwords, the operators eventually forgot them and started using one or the other. This is not very good from a security point of view, when starting an investigation it is important to understand who pressed the button, and what button exactly. With the entry with individual passes everything becomes transparent. The operator logged in using his pass, made a few operations, and 30 minutes later the system closed the access.

Such a system is one more step toward increased safety and production efficiency, and thus toward higher profits.