Modernization of WMS equipment

What Is Implemented:
  • A new segment of the production network based on Cisco Wi-Fi access points and switches
  • New WMS equipment was installed: printers, terminal scanners, forklift terminals
  • 80 WMS automation endpoints organized
an international company producing food and pet food. On the territory of the Russian Federation has 7 factories.
Problematics and Inquiry:
The customer wanted to replace outdated WMS equipment with modern equipment. The project was tied in with a major project in the field of automation of production and warehouse processes. The replacement of the equipment was carried out within 1 year. Among the main difficulties were the lack of spare parts for the current equipment, as well as the incompatibility of new and old equipment.
  • Cisco
  • Motorola
  • Zebra
  • Intermec
Economic effects:
  • Continuity of warehouse operations and shipments